Monday, April 05, 2010

I Got a Point and Shoot Today

I have taken an evolutionary step backward. At the suggestion of a professor (and truthfully, I was thinking it anyway), I got a Canon point and shoot camera.

I thought long ago that there was a “pre-DSLR” and a DSLR period in my photography.

I was wrong.

The point and shoot cameras have their place for sure. Take, street photography, for example. You see a moment and want to capture it and raise the huge body and lens you have, drawing attention to yourself and making whomever you want to shoot aware and they alter their gesture.

Not good.

So, a point and shoot is sneaky.

And THAT can be a useful thing.

So, can it take better quality photos?


Can it help me take better photographs by diminishing the self-conscienceness factor on both sides?

Hell yeah.