Monday, June 08, 2009

"Call me Bill."

That was the first thing the head of the photo department said when we sat and talked oh so long ago. I liked it. Coming from Germany where everything was "Herr so-and-so" or "Frau what's-her-name", I liked the informality.

I loved it, actually.

And this informality trickles down into the whole department. 

I call my professor Angela. (that is her name after all)

But...informality has its drawbacks too.

It seems most of the time that my prof has no idea what she is doing and kinda fakes her way through the day.

Case and point: we spent 45 minutes today watching her set up her laptop to show us a slide show. Right after telling me that in certain situations during a wedding shoot, you need to improvise and be flexible.

Poetic justice anyone??

And how do I know she is faking her way through the day?

Because I did it too. I spent many 'o days not planning what to teach and walking into a room of strangers and churning out a lesson...not really giving a clear enough answer but giving one good enough for the moment.

But her answers are not good enough for the moment even.

I can't say that I am learning nothing. I can't even say that I am not being challenged. But it's not enough at the moment. I am bombarded with book work when I want to get into studios and outside to shoot.

But to be optimistic I have only 2 weeks left with her.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

1st day...

Well, it's done.

That first day, get-it-out-of-the-way crap is done and now I can focus on photography.


The class is small - only 10 - and that is good for time with the professor. Bad for comparing work against your peers.

I have some reservations about showing my work. What if I'm not good enough??

Everyone there has had some different background...and that will be good for sharing the knowledge.

So...400 bucks lighter (books, supplies, etc) going in to day 2, and I am looking forward to it.